We all know what sales do and we all have a decent understanding of “percentage off” sales.  Apparently, gaming and software giant Microsoft doesn’t seem to give us enough credit for our knowledge.  Lately, there has been a sale in the Xbox Live store and there are a few games at a decent price.  However, one user took to Facebook to expose Microsoft on their shifty tactics on one particular title, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (BLOPS2).

So, this all started with a simple enquiry toward the sale cost of BLOPS2 given it had just been added to the backwards compatibility list, being it was supposedly 50% off on Xbox Live and 60% off for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers which, at an initial cost of $24.99 USD, you would expect this to be an awesome buying point.  Not so much.  Sadly the offer to buy at $24.99 USD only reduces to $19.99 USD at the checkout, which, let’s face it, is a far cry from the promised 50%-60% reduction in the latest ads and the Official Facebook pages.  Facebook user Matthew B(withheld to protect identity) started a dialogue with Microsoft Support in an effort to resolve this issue.

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Matthew B did continue the conversation with another Microsoft representative a short while later and it seems he was offered a deal that just didn’t really make much sense to any regular human being.  While a decent number of people have already opted to change to the newer Xbox One console, this tech has offered for him to buy the game on the older Xbox 360 console, however, not with the usually accepted credit card method, but with Microsoft Credits.

So let’s break this down into why this doesn’t make sense for the buyer.  First off, you need to buy $19.99 USD Microsoft Credits, to be refunded the 60% sale price difference in the purchase currency.  Secondly, why would someone seek out an older console to buy the game to use on a newer console?  Seems like a lot of running around for an older game really.  But the major fact stands, that if you have no intention of buying anything on the live market again anytime soon, you won’t end up with the difference of the game in your pocket, it remains with Microsoft until you choose to buy another product from them.  This raises questions and alarm bells for any gamer trying to make this purchase.  Why wouldn’t a company let you pay via credit card?  Why is there a need for a refund?  Why can’t the game’s price just be adjusted as a priority to suit the masses that want it?  All of these questions sadly need to be asked of gaming companies.  All of these questions sadly need to be asked of Microsoft, however, judging by the push for Microsoft Credit purchases, they may not have sufficient answers for anyone wanting them.

Here the saga continues with the new representative, Candyr.

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We’ve reached out to Matthew B to ask his opinions on the situation and see how he’s faring with his purchase.

When he/she was talking about this refund, basically they wanted me to put $20 on my credit card and they would refund me back $10 in Microsoft credit instead of a refund for my credit card. Basically the refund would have went back to them anyways which is kind of effed up

I didn’t take the deal but it is messed up that they know it’s an issue and haven’t said anything to anyone who has bought the game recently. Don’t get me wrong, $20 is not a bad price, but if it’s advertised as otherwise and they know that then it needs to be fixed.

It’s crazy. I’m still kind of shocked they threw me that deal lol.”

Anyone that’s been through this debacle with Microsoft just couldn’t believe what’s going on, for the most part, people were riddled with shock and disbelief that a company as big as Microsoft could be so underhanded and sneaky, but all we can say it this is a flawed system and a really good way to lose customers.  While most people are satisfied with their online purchasing through the company, it’s a sad few that get caught up in this kind of a mess and sadly this is where true colours seem to fly and underhanded tactics get exposed to the public.  Sadly, it seems to be pure laziness in not updating the sales page and then tricks to try and cover this up and still make a quick dollar that are turning people against the software giant.  But, overall, it is up to the little guy to make a stand and try to push this change, without complaints, major companies can pretty much get away with daylight robbery, but with enough exposure and enough customers making enquiries not only can we make sure we all have a pleasant relationship with the game supplier, but we can also make the gaming community stronger.

If you have any other horror stories with gaming companies feel free to contact us directly.  We will always try our best to put gamers first and keep them there.