In the wake of the Runescape April Fools celebration, Jagex Ltd. has let loose three new brands of dragons.  Known as the Gemstone Dragons, these fearsome beasts promise new challenges and rewards for those bold enough to slay them.  The first of these, the Dragonstone Dragons, can only be slain by players with a Slayer level of 95 or greater.  The middle tier, the Onyx Dragons, requires a 98 Slayer, and the fearsome Hydrix Dragons require a Slayer level of 101.

Runescape Gem Dragon

Source: Jagex Ltd

These creatures serve as the first steps toward the update which will increase the maximum Slayer level from 99 to 120, announced earlier this year as part of the Menaphos expansion.  Until then, slaying the Hydrix dragons is only possible if players use an item known as “Wild Pie” or the new “Wilder Pie” to artificially boost their Slayer level above 100.

Beyond the rewards offered which include a new set of tier 80 hybrid armour, these dragons bring new and interesting challenges to the game. Each of them possesses a special ability which will test players in new ways.

  • Dragonstone Dragons degrade and negate the effects of potions consumed to protect the player from dragon-fire
  • Onyx Dragons drain life points from the player, healing themselves
  • Hydrix Dragons reset the player’s adrenaline to zero, and debuff the rate at which players gain adrenaline

Players who manage to collect a full set of the armour, which will require slaying all three types of dragons, will find that the armour has a special ability: Players may infuse the armour with energy from uncut Dragonstone, Onyx, and Hydrix gems, granting players access to the potent special effects those stones have when enchanted and used as the tips for crossbow bolts.

For more information about these new dragons, the armour, and Runescape as a whole, check out Jagex’s news post and the Runescape wiki.

Source: Jagex Ltd