In recent weeks, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a list of cards for their upcoming Hearthstone set.  While we are all excited about new cards, the problem here is that it will be the final set for the game, the reason behind this?  Simple really… Hearthstone just isn’t making any money.  With a price hike in packs just recently even up to 50% increase on single packs, Hearthstone is still only pulling in USD $23,000,000 this financial year.  Blizzard is doing everything they possibly can to breathe life into this dying game.  The question stands, is this enough to keep the game running by price gouging the hardcore and dedicated players instead of dropping prices to get new people in?

Gotta get that cash

While the game was something new on a digital media platform, it was exciting, fresh and all the more addictive once you started winning.  These were all the things you needed to have a hit game and turn a huge profit, but what went wrong for the multi-billion dollar company?  We reached out to Blizzard in hope of getting a statement, they promptly replied!

While the game is still fun, it’s just costing us too much in scotch and therapy to deal with the mental load required to deal with the salty bad mannered players. Lets face it, we’re not parents, we’re not baby sitters, we just want to make money and given the latest World of Warcraft expansion was a flop, we had to do something. People are too busy maining Hanzo on Overwatch, or sitting in Dalaran, anal [rend] -ing until server shutdown. People don’t like card games, if only the design team would have listened to me when they first pitched the game. But hey, what do I know?”


Thrall, Son Of Durotan

After that statement, we just couldn’t believe that Blizzard is being so deceptive to its player base.  But in the final days of a game, you’ve got to expect that they will try anything to milk that kodo for its final drop of milk.

Hopefully, Blizzard can improve this situation and get Hearthstone back in the books where it belongs, after all, it is April Fools!

We will have a full reveal on the upcoming set in the coming days, chin up people!

To learn how to play Hearthstone, Visit Blizzards Official Site.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment