The newest SMITE event was announced yesterday during Hi-Rez Studio’s live stream of the SMITE 4.5 patch notes.  Centred around the Egyptian Pantheon, this new event, called The Celestial Voyage, will have players completing quests to unlock hieroglyphs which can be used to acquire new loading screens, pedestals, and more!

The event also offers 5 new skins, four of which are purchasable.  These skins, each themed after the Stargazer Anubis skin, are;

Of the five, the first four are purchasable individually for 400 of the in-game currency, Gems (approximately $7 USD).  Star Scribe Thoth is obtainable by those who purchase all four other skins before the event ends.

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SMITE Celestial Voyage

Source: Hi-Rez Studios

In addition to the skins, however, the Stargate-esque event also offers twelve quests which, when completed, unlock an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic.  These glyphs will be used in various combinations to answer riddles which, when solved, unlock one of four additional rewards: A new loading frame, pedestal, music theme, or, new to SMITE, a loading screen, which alters the background during load-times to match the theme of the event.