Internet celebrity Jontron has been in the news lately, facing criticism over comments made on Twitter regarding race, politics, and gender.  The drama began when Jontron, on March 12th, 2017 posted a tweet defending the opinion of U.S. Rep. Steve King.  In this tweet, Jontron parodied his perception of the objections King’s opponents had to his stance.  From there, the situation only escalated.  Jontron and his peer, Steven Bonnell II, engaged in a debate of the issues surrounding the topic, phrased by Bonnell as ” Immigration and assimilation.”

Jontron's original tweet

Source: Jontron

The internet has beaten both sides of the debate to pieces, as well as raising issues about Jontron’s ability to debate.  Today, however, a week after the conversation began, the Youtube comedian released a statement on the subject and the controversy which came after it.  In the video, he expanded on his original line of thinking, apologised for the “off-hand comments made late at night” and apologised for springing the conversation on his fans “out of left field.”

He concluded by saying “I genuinely hope people keep debating, keep talking to each other, and keep learning.  Honest, civil discourse, without witch-hunts, is the only way we’re getting out of this mess.”


Source: Youtube