In the year and a half since Rocket League was released by indie developer Psyonix, the game has accrued a massive following (averaging over 30,000 players in February 2017).  In the past two months, the number of players has been on the decline, but on March 22nd, Psyonix is looking to change the game, literally.

The new “Dropshot” mode will be available to all players via its own playlist (both in exhibition and private matches) and will feature entirely new mechanics, such as the hexagonal playing field and a brand-new way of scoring.  Rather than traditional goals, players will charge up an electrified ball by smashing into it, with the goal of driving the sphere through the floor on the opponent’s side of the field.  When a goal is scored, the opposition’s side of the arena will be reset and the carnage will resume.

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This isn’t the only new feature on offer for fans of the E-Sport.  The same update will offer six new Achievements and Trophies, a “Live Now” option for official streams, and will bring about the beginning of Season 4.  For more details about these changes, check out the developer blog and see the trailer below.


Source: Psyonix