So once upon a time in ye old land of yesteryear, there lived some Dwarves.  Now that you’ve heard that riveting story let’s get to the good stuff.  The Dwarves has received a massive new update adding in a completely new experience.  You’ll be given new challenges to test your mind and shake your nerves, players are given three new game modes to choose from.  First in like is the mighty Horde mode, where heroes fight the gigantic enemy armies which, because we love to make things hard, grow in both numbers and difficulty with each wave.  Time Challenge tasks you with killing every opponent as fast as you can, while in Chase mode, the ultimate goal is to secure a sprinting Orc with his trusty rucksack all while hacking, slashing and mopping up his oh so friendly comrades.

These new modes aren’t exactly hard to find, you can access them right from the main menu.  To add a little more fire in your belly, players will earn points and can unlock the tasty prize of the game’s 15 heroes to use in these new game modes. Just to add fuel to your e-peen there will be a leaderboard keeping track of your scores so you can always show your friends just how much better than them you are.  Although this may work in reverse if they are better than you, notice me senpai, notice me.  However in true Billy Mays style, BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!! all of these new game modes can be completed on 6 maps! (download now and receive a free set of steak knives).

This patch seems amazing with a huge amount of content offered to the player.  With the addition of 3 new game modes, the lovely development team have input a few new features to help make The Dwarves a little smoother all round.  New campaign mode for the extra casual – Very Easy, Engine update to beef the performance up in heaps of scenes.  New achievements to suit the challenges,Turkish language added and some optimised camera collision.  However, if you’re part of the PC master race, you get special treatment with the addition of more graphics settings and free key bindings.  What’s not to like?

The great news here is that the patch is live on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and XB1 as a FREE download, thank the gods! or the dwarves… either or.

Check out The Dwarves, here!

*disclaimer* Steak knives are not available with this product.