In North America, there is only one name in dirt track racing: World of Outlaws.  The brand sponsors over 140 Motorsports events across the continent.  Similarly, iRacing sells itself as “the world’s premier Motorsports racing simulation” with over 235,000 users.  When these two titans of the sport decided to partner up, Representatives Ben Geisler (Chief Marketing Officer of the World of Outlaws) and Steve Myers (Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for iRacing) spoke out, sharing their respective stances on the partnership:

“This is really exciting news for World of Outlaws fans and competitors. iRacing is recognized around the world for delivering a remarkably authentic racing experience, and we can’t wait for our fans to see for themselves what it’s like to race our cars at legendary tracks like Eldora, Williams Grove, and Volusia Speedways.”  – Ben Geisler.

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“We couldn’t be happier than to be associated with the World of Outlaws at the dawn of our online dirt racing feature.  iRacers around the world are already eager to try their hands at dirt racing, and our partnership with the World of Outlaws will ramp up their enthusiasm to another level.” – Steve Myers.

For more information on these two monolithic companies, check out the websites for World of Outlaws and their new partner.